Salt Free Systems

Remove Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide from your water efficiently and economically.

Rusty uses the latest technology to improve the quality of your water, and the quality of life. Iron causes a number of problems. While Iron is not considered hazardous to your health, it is considered an aesthetic contaminant.

The Rusty Iron removal System...

  • Eliminates the reddish-brown stains of iron in your sinks, tubs and other fixtures

  • Eliminates the dark gray or black stains of Manganese

  • Stops the rotten egg odor caused by Hydrogen Sulfide in your water Stops glasses and dishware from developing a yellow tint or spots Helps to brighten the whites and colors in your laundry Removes the slight metallic taste and odor

  • Helps to keep pipes open, unclogged

No Harsh Chemicals or Salts

Rusty eliminates these contaminants without the use of salts or harsh chemicals. The system does the job using only air and water. The control valve is patented design specifically for the oxidation of iron in water. Using a slightly larger than normal tank enables the valve to inject air into the tank, creating an air bubble at the top of the tank. Water in the tank, compresses the air. Raw water enters the tank, compresses the air. Raw water enters the tank, passing through the compressed air and exposing the Iron to the air. The Iron in the water oxidizes, making it easy for the filter medium to remove the Iron from the water

Available in two models

Rusty is available in two models. One removes Iron and Manganese, using BIRM ® filter medium. The second, which uses catalytic carbon, is designed to treat taste and odor problems, particularly Hydrogen Sulfide.

Air, Water & Chemical-free Filtration

The recommended filter media for RUSTY are BIRM ® and catalytic carbon. Both are efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide from water. BIRM acts as an Insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved Oxygen and the Iron compounds. Catalytic carbon, produced from bituminous coal, is ideal for treating drinking water with Hydrogen Sulfide, which causes a rotten egg odor. Both are easily cleaned by backwashing to promote longer service life, providing an economical filter medium.